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What Is SRT?

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How Does It Work?

The body creates and sustains its own energy system. That system can be drained and interrupted by rival signals from other electromagnetic systems (e.g. computers, hairdryers etc).


The QLink is encoded with Sympathetic Resonance Technology or SRT™, a pioneering branch of quantum physics. This makes it act as a tuning fork that resonates with the ideal note at which the body's energy system should hum.


The body responds positively to this ideal note and pitches itself to it so that, in time, the ideal and the actual note become harmonised.

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SRT™ is Sympathetic Resonance Technology ™


SRT™ was developed after years of research into a new class of energies called subtle or fundamental energy. Subtle energy refers to a physical energy, such as electromagnetic or acoustic; that is of such low intensity that we have no means of measuring it presently. It is a physical field of very low magnitude.


Subtle and fundamental energy may be the same energy described in "string theory" (the latest and most daring branch of quantum physics), a theory which posts a universe of at least ten dimensions, from which our normal dimensions of space-time unfold.


Clarus Technology Inc has pioneered a technology that allows these subtle energy fields to be focused and converted from their multi-dimensional force fields into our 3-dimensions.


It is this technology that is encoded in the resonating cell of the QLink. The field or frequency that emanates from this cell is coherent and clear and induces this resonance in the material objects as well as electromagnetic force fields around it. Clarus SRT™, encoded in the QLink, provides a reference note for the body to tune to; any external or internal radiation that tends to move the body to a different frequency is counteracted.

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