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  Baby Shield

Fashionable Maternity Camisole/Tank with Radiation Shield

Protect your unborn baby from sources of EMF radiations today!

Specially designed for expecting mothers who need to work near computers or operate household appliances on daily basis. Can be worn as an inner layer or underneath a dress.

  * Silky smooth and soft polyamide/silver fiber blend with classic lace trim offers
  versatile wear and feminine charm

  * Breathable and comfortable jersey construction keeps you cool

  * DB stands for decibel, a unit to measure attenuated signal strength.

RS0030 (fitted design) fits S/M – 36 inches at chest; 49.6 inches at belly and 24 inches long.

RS0031 (relaxed design) fits S/M/L maternity sizes - 47 inches at chest; 55 inches at belly and 25.6 inches long.

User Instructions & technical specifications (Please click on the links below to download details)

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